Monday, January 15, 2007

OtoBoku: Harem^10 - Harem + A Trap = ???

Harem to the 10th Power. Thats right dunno what number you end up with but thats one hell of a harem. I think I might have found a record for most girls strung along at once. I mean excluding the super ecchi Girls Bravo that is. Girls Bravo doesn't count 'cause the dude was the only dude on the whole freaking planet and it was more lust than love I mean not seeing a guy in so long 20 years of hormones tends to catch up on you. Now take that lust and multiply that the population of a planet. I mean if those girls got a hold of him they would have taken turns raping him till there was nothing left... that is if his alergic reaction to women didn't kill him first. But this blog isn't about Girls Bravo no matter how funny (read: ridiculous) a subject it is.

Mizuho (picture right) here achived quite the feat. Using his dead grandfather as an excuse and his mother's old connections he got himself accepted to an all girls school. In the course of the term he managed to get himself "onesama" of the whole freaking student body and an idol to all. Sorta like Princess Princess except Yuri instead of Yaoi and a trap instead of a real chick. I guess the saying is true "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it" and boy did they eat this one up. Not just the characters in the anime but the Japanese press and just about everyone ever smitten by Bridget ever.

Mizuho holds the title of being the first male to be featured prominently by Megami Magazine AND have a full length poster as well. Quite the feat if I do say so myself. Actually it is quite the centerfold 0.o;; Actually with pics like that and this one that leave little to the imagination hard to imagine that it is really a dude. Actually this has lead to quite the debate I mean is he trap, a double trap, and is this yuri?. I think I have fallen gay for him but alas it seems his interest is only in women I mean he not only has the whole all female high school student idolizing him but the whole sister middle school as well. Hell he was even able to make ghosts of dead chicks who died in his room fall for him.

Well anyways beyond the oddity of the main character Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru is quite a solid series beyond its gender-bending oddities which is a lot more than can be said about some series. Unlike the aforementioned example it really doesn't beat you over the head with the crossdressing theme and instead tells quite the story as Mizuho follows in his mother's footsteps as one of the legendary "onesama"s of the school. It has the formula for a harem or an ecchi series but instead it grows into quite the romantic drama as characters learn more about themselves and their own feeling and motivations.
The series isn't just about Mizuho but also all the characters around him and them exploring their relationship with the astranged boy some knowing his secret and some not. Mizuho learns more about his deceased mother and why his grandfather wanted him to come to this all girl's school.

Story wise it isn't that bad. Music is strong and though I am unframiliar with the studio studio Starchild did an excelent job. Certainly a far cry from
Psychic Academy Aura Banshou and on superior to even Jinki Extend a series that I have seen before and thought was pretty good but did not know was by Starchild till I looked them up. Best of all it suffers none of the pacing problems of yuri series like Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl ~ and progresses rather well but at a mere 12 episodes it left me crying for more.

So at 12 episodes here ends a series that I was quite satasfied with and what is quite possibly the legend of the greatest trap (or hoax) ever.

~ ArioNeko

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rock the Vote! American Anime Awards!

Rock the Vote! American Anime Awards Voting Begins!

Vote Now! @

All of your favorite VAs are there like everyones fav Crispy Semen, as well as your faovrite shows, like Naruto. even oldies like NGE got itself nominated ons everal categories.

Be sure to rock the vote in the American Anime Awards. If you don't you only have yourselves to blame if Maile Flannigan gets voted in to she-dog as Best Female Voice actor by Dub-tards and Naruto or FMA get best anime just 'cause the idiot masses like em.