Tuesday, November 23, 2004

AnimeThoughts - Introduction

Well I would like to announce my latest project. AnimeThoguhts. This is an blog that I would like to grow. Rather than to be just myself I hope to at some point actually have a team of anime fans helping with this and eventually turning this into a "team blog". Lemme start with a mini Q&A session.

What is AnimeThoughts?
Well anime thoughts is something I came up with in my frustiration of needing someone to talk to in an anime. I had so many thoughts, questions, & comments I decided why not write them down. Sort of a play by play with logs written ever episode, every other episode or whenever the heck in the middle of an episode. It is supposed to be fragmented and maybe from those fragmented logs we can write a summary of ones experience throughout a series to be featured here and maybe another page aswell.
Episodic rants about a series...

What kind of anime?
Well whatever is in the intrest of the team. Currently I am wraping up GitS SAC but seing as I am in the last 6 episodes its a bit alte for a log throughout the series but it is something I would like to do eventually. Whatever a team happens to be watching, wether it be on CN, TV, DVD, VHS or dare I say fansub as it is released in Japan. We will be open to sudgestions and soon I hope to have a place to direct them to but for now I will leave the blog on open comment if anyone wants to add anything.
Whatever a team member is watching - open to sudgestions

What do you have planned for AnimeThoughts?
Well eventually at some point if all goes well I would like to develop this into a community thing and maybe get some affiliates to support us besides of course Ariolander and his ArioNetwork. If all goes well maybe an expanded team, a good community and affiliation with some larger anime communitys to help us grow. I mean I do not plan for it to be a huge hit but a nice community is something I always wanted. To bring a goup of people together and discuss things is something I always wanted to do. I will eventually move the site from its current place as soon as I get a good base and maybe move it to my own web host as an affiliate of ArioNet or just fork over the money and get a domain and similar plan as things progress

How can I join the team?
Well simply write an email to team leader Ariolander at ariolander@gmail.com and tell him a bit about yourself and if you are interested, be sure to put "AnimeThoughts" somewhere in the title.

If you have any more questions or comments feel free to comment here or pop me an email to team leader Ariolander at ariolander@gmail.com with "AnimeThoughts" somewhere in the title.

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