Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ - Intro

Well here is the general lowdown of this series so you can get the general drift how things are laid out.

The series is based around Osaragi Hazumu. Though at the begining male (!)(yea yea we will get to that) he was not the most manly of men. Short, slight build, and with cofnidence issues the guy has virtually no self esteem. His two friends Kurusu Tomari & Sora Hotoshi finnaly get him worked up enough to confess his love to his crush Kamiizumi Yasuna. Apparently she is a lesbian or at least afraid of male and though Hazumu is somewhat 'feminine' he is a guy so a "sorry" is all she can give though her heart may say otherwise. Being regected Hazumu runs to the local hills to retreat in wildlife, forget about his rejection, and ultimatly cry to himslef. From atop the hills he sees what appears so be a shooting star. Making a wish to be more manly the star gets brighter and brighter till eventually he can see it is spaceship! The spaceship crash lands right into his face severly inguring him. The 'aliens' are able to regenerate him but it seems in the process they got hsi sex wrong and the process was unreversable!

I guess this works out well for Yasuna but apparently Tomari had a secret crush on the male Hazumi that even she didn't realize! Then Hotoshi has to deal with the fact his former best friend that he was training to be more manly is all of a sudden a VERY cute girl. 0.o;;

How will they deal with this? What will happen Hazumi? And OMFG the aliens are still here?

AnimeThoughts - First Impressions

Once you get over the initial OMFG he is a she now stage, which is quite funny the way they transition, this series turns into a great romantic drama with comedy. It starts off a bit buubly but as the drama lays on it gets more and more of a dramatic romance and well really gets heavy. Not heavy in a bad way but it become a serious drama and really has earned my 'Ario's Stamp o Approval' as things stand. With 7 episodes outstanding & 3 manga in Japanese I look foward to the future. More tomments to come I look foward to more.

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