Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kasimasi - 01 Hating...

Series: Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~
Genre: Romance Genre
Status: Recommended

Stage: Episode 05
Post Type: Reflection

The drama of this series really lays on. While initially it started out as a bubbly romance the series deepens with continued character development. From bubbly romance to romantic drama there is some serious plot.

One thing I love about anime is when they really draw out you, the viewer's, emotions. I dunno but Kasimasi with a combination of the right music and drama really drew me in as the drama progressed until I reached the point where I could almost parallel with the characters and trully see their feelings. As I harmonized and began to understand the characters, a true feat in storytelling, I had some very disturbing thoughts and the series drew out some very strong feelings from me.

I dunno why but for some reason by the end of episode 7 I really started to hate Yasuna. Not because she was a bitch but I started to hate her for her weakness. Hating her for the same reasons she hated herself.

She had done 2 things that are big no nos in my book. 1.) she went into denial & 2.) she hurt the main character and now wants forgiveness.
She not being able to handle her father all of a sudden convinced herself that her father was not there, that she could not see her father, likewise when she was bullied as a child she denied that they were even there. Unable to face her fears she ran away from them and placed a mental block and truly could not make out the faces of any males in her life. Because of her she ruined her parent's relationship, because of her she truly hurt the main character, the only male she could see in years because of her cowardice.

Personally I find such cowardly characters disgusting. It would have been alright if she just stayed in a corner and isolated herself but because of her fears she seriously hurt Hazumu. But beyond simply hating Yasuna I find myself hating Hazumu as well for being so oblivious and her/him for being so weak. Here we have Tomari who truly loves him, cares for him and has done so much for them since they were children and (s)he ignores her for that bitch Yasuna. (S)He was taking Yasuna who loves him for what he ahs becoem (a girl) over Tomari who loves him for what he was and is truly...

I guess that I have developed such strong feeligns in a mere 7 episodes is a tesimate to how this series has really drawn me in...

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