Monday, March 27, 2006

Mai-Hime - 01 Loving This...

Series: Mai Hime
Genre: Fantase, School Life
Status: Recommended

Stage: Episode 5
Post Type: Reflection

I really love anime, I really do. I found myself crying with this one. Not because it was particularly sad but rather just very touching. Very few mediums and very few anime can capture my attention such as this. Not because of the action but simply the characters. They are so deep and they have so many dimensions. Unlike many series where characters are introduced and remain generally static throughout the series series, where they assign it an archtype, a cliche, a type of character and stick with it throughout the series here they weave a complex tale of characters where there is not only conflict with an unknown enemy but within oneself. I trully love the execution here.

I really did cry at this one. The strength the characters show is impressive. I am not talking about DBZ-ish power levels but rather strength at an emotional level that I feel many characters seem to lack. While the characters here are no slacks in physical combat the level of emotional strain and the hardships the main character in particular goes through are just so much. As I said before in what I hated about characters Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~, the metaphysical weakness of some fo the characters, I now love both the Mai-Hime & Mai-Otome characters in their strength.

An amazing plot is one thing but how you unfold it is another. How characters are developed, how each layer of depth is revealed, and the conflict my God the conflict both internal adn external. It is just so powerful. Mai, amidst the uncertanty of her new school and finding out she is a HiME struggles juggling part time jobs to support her sickly brother after loosing her parents to the same affliction as a child. It is just so powerful...

I am trully loving this...

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