Monday, March 20, 2006

Mai-Otome - 01 Great but...

Series: Mai-Otome
Genres: Fantasy, School Life
Status: Recommended

Stage: Episode 16
Post Type: Examination

Wow I must say this is a great anime. The characters are deep, their development is smooth, and the plot is intriguing. Animation, sound, story it is all great. If this anime continues as strong as it has been and keeps on with the excellent pacing and development this will turn out to be an amazing anime simply because it all works. Though I have grim feelings as childlike innocence will soon be lost and... The fecal matter is about to hit the circular rotary device. Even with this foreboding feeling if they can tie this series up well and execute the reality kick flawlessly this will be a series that I would have no problem recommending to everyone.

Beyond this however there is one thing that has been bothering me. Well two thing actually.

At the age of 14 is this considered Loli? Not that this series has any major lolicon but its more of a childlike crush thingy and it is somewhat disturbing when I think of it.

Secondly there is the issue I have with the Otome. The Otome are supposed to act as idols to the citizens, bodyguards to kings, and occasionally warriors. While this is all find and dandy I just somehow feel that this series objectizes women with these whole Otome ideals. The Otome teachers tell these girls no older than 14 that the goal of their lives is to please and protect their 'masters' and like. They are taught to be these strong and beautiful and in order to maintain their position they MUST remain virgins, any contact with males will do something to their nanomachines that grants them their powers. (something bout Y chromosomes, hormones, and averse effects to the nanomachines) Because they can not love they are taught to take their passion and throw it into the complete and utter devotion to their masters and that they exist to fulfill his or her will for by contract and the jewels that bind master and Otome.

I really do not get the whole maid-complex thing I guess that is just not my thing. In here it seems that the teachers are trying to teach the students to be cookie cutter objects for nobles and leaders to simply be used. Sure it is not like this at all times and thank God Arika is not the best student at these things but when I took a hiatus in my marathon of Mai-Otome the thought just lingered. I predict it might play a vital plot to the plot later on but ATM it is just disturbing. Maybe more unnerving than the maid-complex thing is the fact that I actually feel this way. I am by no means some avid feminist. It is my stance that "A Vindication of the Rights of Women", a famous feminist work by Mary Wollstonecraft, is the biggest load of trash I have ever been forced to read by the American school system. Saying this the fact that it even disturbed me in the first place well... disturbs me?

Gah! I will quit while I am ahead. I don't even know if I am making sense. Maybe I need sleep. I don't think staying up watching this series till 3:30 am on a school night was such a great idea afterall...

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