Thursday, July 20, 2006

Demashitaa! PowerPuff Girls Z! (Pedo-licious! )

Yea I just finished watching Utawarerumono Ep 16 and decided "what the hell why not?" and went ahead and DLed the first two eps Demashitaa! PowerPuff Girls Z. The anime-tized PowerPuff girls series straight from Japan and Miho Shimogasa of Sailor Moon. Bah I never liked Craig McCracken's new stuff (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) anyways.

Fuck Chemical X we got gems and magical girl transformation sequences! I would compare it to the loli-tastic Lyrical Girl Nanoha, a magical girl series that is below the age of consent (14 in Japan), which I truly believe they made just for the sake of making something loli, except the skirts in Lirical Girl Nanoha always managed to stay below the knee and which overall the loli levels pretty stable. However PPG Z man... Holy crap they got anti-gravity pleated miniskirts which seem to almost hover in the air.

 Magical girl transformation sequences, loli, & miniskirts nope it doesn't stop there. Screw that flairing bulb cut that Buttercup has. Too plain. Cue trademark spikey hair. Like any girl we gotta accessorize and whats better than an oversized mallet? Yup they got weapons now too and ripped straight out of Akane's (Ranma 1/2) mallet space we got huge arse oversized version of Skuld's (Ah! My Goddess) debugging hammer.

Sugar, Spice & everything nice? Who needs it? This is Japan and its all in the Daifuku (a rice cake with red bean paste inside) baby! What do you get when you add Daifuku to Chemical X? Why Chemical Z of course. Chemical Z plus giant chemical powered laser cannon blowing something up? Falling debris that glow crashing into schoolchildren and poof a "transforming heroine"!

So yea... and apparently these characters are powered by sugar so rather than stealing money or anything like that, the villains collect candy from little kids 0.o;;

One last thing. Fuck Townsville to this takes baby takes place is Tokyo! Land of the rising sun bitches!

Whatever. Lets post some screenshots & my own nifty captions eh?

Free Image Hosting at OP Big Series Title Thingy. There you got it "And They're Off! Powerpuff Girls Z" is born.

Free Image Hosting at Fuckin Hammertime Anime Style! Note the spikey hair and the Akane/Skuld-esq hammer that she pulled out of what I assume to be a subspace pocket a la anime physics

Free Image Hosting at Uber Kawaii Big Teary Eyed Technique! My god... Oh god help us all...

Free Image Hosting at This Ain't Your Little Sister's Townsville! Tokyo bitches! This series takes place in the land of the rising sun.

Free Image Hosting at You know its a transformation sequence when they got crazy poses/camera angles glowing clothing

Free Image Hosting at Holy crap. You know when they are almost done they shout their name. Well they do it an heavily accented English and I swear to God is sounds like she is shouting "Loli-ing Bubbles!"

Free Image Hosting at Crap! Yup glowing skirt. As always it comes last in the sequence and with a wave of an arm the glowing anti-gravity pleated mini-skirt appears!

Free Image Hosting at Of course everyone knows key to any magical girl transformation sequence is the Dramatic Pose®! Please note hand and arm placements.

Free Image Hosting at A Challenger Approaches! *cue music* Its Mojo and he is stealing candy from schoolchildren!

Free Image Hosting at As you may already know all magical girls fight in the name of love. Again please note careful hand and arm placement essential to the Dramatic Pose®!

Free Image Hosting at WTF! The professor had a son?! *shrugs* news me me...

Free Image Hosting at Apparently the PowerpuffGirls & their enemies are powered by sweets. And yea the battle was ridiculous. >_<;;

Free Image Hosting at Wha Mojo is loosing the battle? Summon the mech! Time for super-sized action!

Free Image Hosting at Needless to say Mojo lost and now cue Team Rocket-esq exit as his mech explodes...

Free Image Hosting at Its march of the fuckin penguins. What the Japanese have with penguins I will never understand. Dun even ask how this came about.

Well I am out... I surely had enough... Check it our torrents on AnimeSuki here

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